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Bogazici University
Istanbul, Turkey (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Academic Year,
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Program Dates &
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Restrictions: OU applicants only
Budget Sheets Summer
Fact Sheet:
Program Type:
University Exchange Language of Instruction: English
Housing Type: Student Dormitories Minimum GPA: 3.0
Non-English Language Learning Option(s):
Armenian, French, German, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish Study Abroad Adviser: Wyatt Schmitz
University Name:
Bogazici University
Language Category:
Language Category B
Study Level: Graduate, Undergraduate
Program Description:



  • All university courses, apart from language courses, are taught in English! 
  • Located in Istanbul, Bogazici University is the leading institution of Turkish higher education.
  • As a crossroads between Europe and Asia, Istanbul offers a unique opportunity for students to experience the blending of various unique cultures.
This program is great for a variety of majors, including engineering and science majors!

Program Requirements
  • 3.0 Combined Retained GPA
  • Passport (valid through six months after return from study abroad)
  • 2 Recommendation letters from any OU professor
  • Host University Application
  • Visa

All courses, apart from language courses, are taught in English and open to exchange students. Bogazici offers courses in a variety of disciplines, including chemical engineering, management, political science, mathematics, molecular biology and much more. To explore classes, visit the following link:

BU Course Schedule

To see courses previously taken by OU students at Bogazici University and their OU equivalents click the following link: Bogazici University - Course Equivalency Information.

Academic Calendar
  • The Fall semester usually runs from early September - January.
  • The Spring semester usually runs from February  - May.
Money Matters
Since this program is a University Exchange program you will pay OU tuition/fees to the OU Bursar and housing/meals/living expenses to Bogazici University.

Use this Bogazici University Budget Estimate to help you plan for study abroad and compare programs!

There are number of scholarships available for study abroad students. Below is a partial list to get you started! Housing
The only dormitory option for exchange students is the Superdorm. The Superdorm is located on the Bogazici University campus and offers living in 4-bedroom suites, with shared kitchens, living areas and bathrooms. If you choose not to live on-campus, you will be responsible for your own off-campus housing.

Get Started
Start by attending a Study Abroad 101 information session to learn the basics about study abroad as well as your next steps. Then, schedule an appointment with the study abroad adviser for Asia to move on to Phase 2!

Why did you choose to study abroad?
We live in a world now in which borders are disappearing and communicating with others on the opposite side of the world is just a click away. We are no longer confined to our respective cities, states, and countries. In fact, it is almost impossible to stay isolated within one's community. With technology, especially the internet, we are faced everyday with communicating with the 'outside' world. Whether we realize it or not, just to complete daily tasks requires some form of communication with people from outside our country. Troubleshooting a computer issue may require a call abroad, for instance. I chose to study abroad because I believe we can no longer get by with knowledge of what is near or close to us. We must be able to navigate in a variety of situations-possibly requiring different languages. As people of the world become more closely connected through technology, trade, etc, it is important for us to understand each other in a historical, social, and cultural sense. The progression of society in a globalized context will require us to work together, and that cannot be done effectively without knowledge of others' cultures and lives. Through study abroad programs, we can learn and understand different cultures and develop sensitivities towards different ideas or ways of life.
     — Caitlin Miles, Academic Year 2010
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Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Academic Year 2016-2017 02/21/2016
03/04/2016 TBA TBA
Fall 2016 02/21/2016
03/04/2016 08/01/2016 12/31/2016
Spring 2017 09/18/2016 09/23/2016 01/01/2017 05/31/2017
Academic Year 2017-2018 02/19/2017 03/03/2017 TBA TBA
Fall 2017 02/19/2017 03/03/2017 TBA TBA

Indicates that deadline has passed